red box
by psychrowrythe

Just to be like everyone else... we got a red box how-to too, eh? But see, this one's different. Firstly, we have pictures for those who can't read. Secondly, our model uses a Radio Shack Personal Data Assistant and Tone Dialer, catalog number 65-721. This differs from the other folks, who be usin da 43-146. What's the difference?

INGREDIENTS/TOOLS: (1) Tone Dialer (cat. no. 65-721); (1) 6.0 - 6.56 MHz crystal; solder; thin (.22 gauge or higher) insulated wire; super-crazy-schizo-glue; soldering iron/gun; small phillips screwdriver; hobby knife; steady hands

After you are done playing with yr new tone dialer out of the box, remove its five screws and pop it open. Do this carefully and open it up like a book, cuz there are wires connecting the two halves and they are a pain in the ass to re-solder. You will see the old crystal (it is yellow and has z3.58s printed on it). What we will be doing is adding on the higher-frequency crystal so you can generate nickel, dime, and/or quarter tones, but still use the normal dial tones when you need to call a number you have in memory.

red box open with new crystal
The green arrow points to the stock (3.58) crystal; the yellow arrow points to the new (6.56) crystal.

The cool thing about the 65-721 is that it has a lot of room for the new crystal, which the normal tone dialers really don't have. As you can see, we've used our super-crazy-schizo-glue to affix the new crystal (yellow arrow) to the inside of the dialer's casing. Beautiful, eh?

Okay, them and their "dual-pole dual-throw" switches from Radio Shack. Frankly, these are just too big to work with. I lifted a single pole dual throw switch from a Transformers robot toy (it was the purple one that changed into a pistol and made cool raygun noises, remember that one?!) and this switch is very small, and I like it. We are going to rig it up so it switches between the crystals. What we are going to do is splice the wires leading from the crystals TO the circuit board together, and let the SPDT switch change the signal FROM the circuit board to either one of the crystals. Confused? here:

The switch is in the 'normal' mode, using the stock crystal. This diagram looks ridiculous, but everything will look ok inside your dialer.